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Seattle Mayoral Residences, 1869-1998

Where did Seattle’s mayor’s live? It’s a simple, honest question. But apparently no one has ever assembled the data together in one place.

It started when I was pulled into a Twitter conversation by my friend Ben:


The question: where did Seattle’s mayors live? There was once a discussion of purchasing a surplus admiral’s home on Magnolia for a ceremonial house, but Seattle has never had an official mayoral residence.

Immediately I knew how to answer the question: dig through the city directories on to find each mayor at the time that they were elected. A few of hours of searching and indexing and learning the quirks of Google’s new Map Engine, and you get the following map:



Oh, and here’s the raw KML. Feel free to use it for whatever you like: Seattle_Mayoral_Residences

If you do something interesting, please drop me note.

EDIT 6/11/2015:

I have added five Mayoral residences through Norm Rice, who left office in 1998. The list originally ended with George Clinton in 1964. (I had it labeled 1963 for some reason.)

There are four mayors remaining before this is complete: Schell, Nickels, McGinn and Murray. I’ll take care of that sometime soon.

Two-time Mayor Henry Yesler's mansion in about 1900.
Two-time Mayor Henry Yesler’s mansion in about 1900. Courtesy Seattle Public Library.
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