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Renaming Kirkland streets

This is a table of original and current downtown Kirkland streets’ names, from the 1890s to today.

The Kirkland streets data

Old street name2019 nameSource
Lake AveLake Ave W1926 Sanborn
Lake AveLake St1926 Sanborn
Lake AveLake St S1926 Sanborn
Central AveCentral Way1926 Sanborn
Kirkland AveKirkland Ave1926 Sanborn
Jackson AveSecond Ave S1926 Sanborn
New StateThird St S1926 Sanborn
Waverly StWaverly Way1926 Sanborn
Bond StFifth Ave W1926 Sanborn
Richmond StSeventh Ave W1926 Sanborn
Regent StEighth Ave W1926 Sanborn
Marion StTenth Ave W1926 Sanborn
Spring StEleventh Ave W1926 Sanborn
Columbia StThirteenth Ave W1926 Sanborn
Calhoun StFourteenth Ave W1926 Sanborn
California StSixteenth Ave W1926 Sanborn
Oregon StSeventeeth Ave W1926 Sanborn
John StEighteenth Ave W1926 Sanborn
Oakland StNinteenth Ln WPlat of Kirkland
Los Angeles StTwentieth Ave WPlat of Kirkland
Sacramento StOld Market Street TrailPlat of Kirkland
Towsend StJuanita Bay ParkPlat of Kirkland
Pearl StEighth St WPlat of Kirkland
Park StSecond St W1926 Sanborn
Burlington StThird St W1926 Sanborn
Fleet StFourth St W1926 Sanborn
Juanita StFifth St W1926 Sanborn
James StSixth St W1926 Sanborn
Monroe StSeventh St W1926 Sanborn
Mill StEighth St W1926 Sanborn
Market StMarket St1926 Sanborn
Bold StFirst St1926 Sanborn
Oxford StSecond St1926 Sanborn
Jersey StThird St1926 Sanborn
Liverpool StFourth St1926 Sanborn
Dale StFifth St1926 Sanborn
Orchard StSixth St1926 Sanborn
Seattle StThird Ave1926 Sanborn
Seattle PlThird Ave1926 Sanborn
Bessemer AveFourth Ave1926 Sanborn
Clarkson AveFifth Ave1926 Sanborn
Cascade AveSixth Ave1926 Sanborn
Piccadilly AveSeventh Ave1926 Sanborn
Olympia AveEighth Ave1926 Sanborn
Michigan AveNinth Ave1926 Sanborn
Madison AveTenth Ave1926 Sanborn
Massachuset AveEleventh Ave1926 Sanborn
Washington AveTwefth Ave1926 Sanborn
Jefferson AveThirteenth Ave1926 Sanborn
Arlington AveFourteenth Ave1926 Sanborn
Moreton AveFifteenth Ave1926 Sanborn
Harrison AveSixteenth Ave1926 Sanborn
Victoria AveSeventeeth Ave1926 Sanborn
Portland AveEighteenth Ave1926 Sanborn
Indiana AveNineteenth AvePlat of Kirkland
Compton AveTwentieth AvePlat of Kirkland
Arizaona Aven/aPlat of Kirkland
Villard AveNineteenth AvePlat of Kirkland
Reynolds Aven/aPlat of Kirkland
Tacoma AveTwentieth AvePlat of Kirkland
Montana Aven/aPlat of Kirkland
Helena AveForbes Creek DrPlat of Kirkland
Bellvue Aven/aPlat of Kirkland (1888)
Henry StHeritage ParkPlat of Kirkland
Depot StHeritage ParkPlat of Kirkland
Owensn/aPlat of Kirkland (1888)

The source

It was compiled from the 1926 Sanborn fire insurance map (available online through library database subscriptions), original plat maps, and a current map.

Early plats were also filed for Kirkland far to the north and east of downtown, though. So if the Kirkland streets you’re looking for aren’t here, go find your plat map through the Washington Secretary of State by searching by keyword in Plats and Surveys. To just browse early plats for Kirkland streets, search for Kikland there and then narrow the search to early years like 1850-1900.

The purpose

I’m continuing a project that I started with my friend Curt. We transcribed a January 1, 1891 Seattle P-I article that listed every structure built in Seattle the previous year. The list included surrounding cities like West Seattle and South Seattle that were later annexed into Seattle itself. It also had cities that remain independent, like Kirkland.

Street names for King County were chaotic in the 1890s. As a result, it’s really difficult to locate an old address, requiring referencing old maps and city directories. I’m adding current street names to the table of 1890 buildings, bit by bit. Some come in quick chunks when I find a city ordinance that switch names of entire neighborhoods. A few, like this one, needed me to compare sources by hand while pinching myself to stay awake.

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