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Old Ballard Street Names, Searchable Table

Ballard was a city of its own until 1907, when the citizenry voted to be annexed into Seattle.

This table, like the recent 1895 Seattle Renaming article, shows each original Ballard street name and what it changed to after annexation. A number of original street names continue today, basically anything that isn’t a number.

To assemble this table I started with the 1888 Gilman Addition plat from the King County records website, then reviewed the 1905 Sanborn fire insurance maps available online from the Seattle Public Library, and finally I reviewed a 1903 sewer map online (map 1588) at the Seattle Municipal Archives.

Street names that did not change are not included. Essentially any named street in Ballard is original.

There are a few streets from just outside of the old City of Ballard boundaries, towards Fremont or across the canal. I happened to notice them while reviewing maps and went ahead and listed them.

For more information on old Ballard, check out my book Lost Seattle.

This data has been shared with a Creative Commons license on Figshare. You can download the full table there.

Edit 1/2019: I have not yet incorporated the original Salmon Park addition street names (plat map available at WA Digital Archives). Because there is a significant change from that 1890 plat to the 1903 sewer map I link to above, that will definitely lead to confusion. Oddly, the name Denton for example is still used in the 1903 Ballard directory, but by this 1903 map it is already “Third Avenue North”. The 1904 Ballard directory’s street guide is a helpful way to bridge the gap between the two maps.

Again using our Denton example, it says Denton is “third east of Fourth Ave W from Ship to city limits”.  On the sewer map that is clearly Third Ave North. In the lookup table below, Third Avenue North comes up as 22nd Ave NW. So Denton became 3rd Ave N, which became 22nd Ave NW.

It’s also possible to do a visual comparison between the original plat map and current Google maps. The streets are the same today, so you can get oriented with Salmon Bay Park (“PARK” in the plat) and go from there.

While I’m here I’ll list the sources of a few meanings of street names:

  • Denton: Elon W. Denton, filer of Salmon Park Addition
  • McDermott: J. D. McDermott, who Denton purchased part of the property from.
Name before 1907Name after 1907FROM Old StreetTO Old StreetNote
ANW 45thMainEastern Ave
AlbertsonNW 54thFirst Ave WDivision Ave
Antonia Ave35th Ave NWCanoeSloop
BNW 46thMainEastern Ave
B StNW 66thEighth Ave NSixth Ave N
BakerNW 60thFirst Ave WTenth Ave
BayNW Bright St8th Ave NW5h Ave NW
Blewett StreetW Ewing Street10th Ave NW3rd Ave NW
BrigNW 67thFirst Ave WSixth Ave N
CNW Ballard WayFirst Ave WEastern Ave
CanoeNW 73rdFirst Ave WFourth Ave N
Carolina StNW 66thSixthEighth
ChestnutNW 61stFirst Ave WTenth Ave
Clise Ave23rd Ave NWShipSchooner
Corvette StNW 80thLimeEigthth
CrawfordNW 59thFirst Ave WTenth Ave
DNW Leary WayFirst Ave WEastern Ave
DayNW 51stFirst Ave WDivision Ave
Dayton AveVadated, Ballard HighE ShipE Brig
Division Ave N8th Ave NWE SloopE Schooner
Division Ave N8th Ave NWE ShipMohr
ENW 49thFirst Ave WEastern Ave
E BakerNW 60thFirst Ave WDivision Ave
E BrigNW 67thFirst Ave WDivision Ave
E BroadwayNW MarketFirst Ave WDivision Ave
E CanoeNW 73rdFirst Ave WDivision Ave
E ChestnutNW 61stFirst Ave WDivision Ave
E CrawfordNW 59thFirst Ave WDivision Ave
E NorthNW 64thFirst Ave WDivision Ave
E PolkNW 63rdFirst Ave WDivision Ave
E PostNW 62ndFirst Ave WDivision Ave
E SchoonerNW 75thFirst Ave WDivision Ave
E ShipNW 65thFirst Ave WDivision Ave
E SloopNW 70thFirst Ave WDivision Ave
E StateNW 56thFirst Ave WDivision Ave
E TimesNW 58thFirst Ave WDivision Ave
E WillbertNW 57thFirst Ave WDivision Ave
Eastern Ave N9th Ave NWE ShipE Sloop
Eastern Avenue9th Ave NWShipShip Canal (NW 42nd)
Eighth Ave N32nd Ave NWShipSchooner
Eleventh Ave W37th Ave NWShipChestnut
Eli Ave13th Ave NWE BrigE Sloop
Elm Ave11th Ave NWE SloopE SchoonerMarcus Ave in sewer map 1588
Ferry Ave25th Ae NWShipSchooner
Fifth Ave N26th Ave NWShipSchooner
Fifth Ave N26th Ave NWShipSloop
Fifth Ave W26th Ave NWBroadwayShip
FindlayNW 72ndEighth Ave NSixth Ave N
First Ave N17th Ave NWShipSchooner
First Ave W17th Ave NWBroadwayShip
Fonda Ave18th Ave NWShipSchooner
Fourth Ave N24th Ave NWShipSchooner
Fourth Ave N24th Ave NWShipSchooner
Fourth Ave W24th Ave NWBroadwayShip
Garrett Ave19th Ave NWShipSchooner
Harrison Ave N21st Ave NWShipSchooner
HolbrookNW 52ndFirst Ave WDivision Ave
JenningsNW 67thEighth Ave NSixth Ave N
Joseph Ave N12th Ave NWE BrigE Sloop
Kilbourne StreetVacated, ship canal10th Ave NW7th Ave NW
Landridge Ave16th Ave NWE ShipE Schooner
Lime Ave[green space]SchoonerCorvette
Lockard Ave14th Ave NWE SloopE Schooner
Main Ave15th Ave NWAShip
Main Ave N15th Ave NWE ShipE Schooner
MohrNW 50thFirst Ave WDivision Ave
MurrayNW 69thEighth Ave NSixth Ave N
N Park PlNW Canoe PlGarrettHarrison
New YorkNW 68thEighth Ave NGNRR
Ninth Ave N34th Ave NWSloop[North Ballard City Limits]
Ninth Ave W34th Ave NWShip[NPRN Rairoad]
NorthNW 64thFirst Ave WTenth Ave
Peach Ave10th Ave NWE SloopE Schooner
PolkNW 63rdFirst Ave WTenth Ave
PostNW 62ndFirst Ave WTenth Ave
PrestonNW 53rdFirst Ave WDivision Ave
Railroad14th Ave NWABridge Across Bay
Railroad Ave N14th Ave NWE Ship E Sloop
Railroad Ave NAlonzo Ave NWE SloopE Schooner
Ross PlaceVacated? Between NW 40th and NW 41st8th Ave NWGreenwood
S Park PlNW Sloop PlGarrettHarrison
SalmonVacated, just south of NW 45thSpringEastern Ave
SchoonerNW 75thFirst Ave WFourth Ave N
Second Ave N20th Ave NWShipSchooner
Second Ave W20th Ave NWBroadwayShip
Seventh Ave N30th Ave NWShipSchooner
SherbrookNW 74thEighth Ave NSixth Ave NSherbrooke in sewer map 1588
ShilbyNW 70thEighth Ave NSixth Ave N
ShipNW 65thFirst Ave WEighth Ave N
Sixth Ave N28th Ave NWShipSchooner
SloopNW 70thFirst Ave WSixth Ave N
Spokane Ave10th Ave NWE ShipE SloopMarcus Ave in sewer map 1588
Spring Ave N11th Ave NWE ShipE Sloop
Spring Ave N12th Ave NWE SloopE Schooner
Spring Avenue11th Ave NWShipShip Canal (NW 43rd)
StantonNW 71stEighth Ave NSixth Ave N
StateNW 56thFirst Ave WNinth Ave
Steven AveMary Ave NWE SloopE SchoonerMary Ave in sewere map 1588
Summit Ave33rd Ave NWSloopSchooner
Tenth Ave W36th Ave NWBroadwayShip
Third Ave N22nd Ave NWShipSchooner
Third Ave N22nd Ave NWShipSchooner
Third Ave W22nd Ave NWBroadwayShip
TimesNW 58thFirst Ave WEighth Ave
TimesNW 57thEighth Ave WTenth Ave W
Vine Ave NDibble Ave NWE SloopE Schooner
WhitbyNW 73rdEighth Ave NSixth Ave N
WilbertNW 57thFirst Ave WEighth Ave
Wilson Ave27th Ave NWShipSloop
Yacht StNW 73rdLimeEighth
Ballard's original street names, from the 1888 plat for Gilman Park Addition by the Learys, Ballards and Crawfords.
Ballard’s original street names, from the 1888 plat for the Gilman Park Addition by the Learys, Ballards and Crawfords. (King County Records)


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