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Moscow 1969 part 2, my Grandfather’s lens

My grandfather visited Moscow in 1969 for a meeting of the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) TC (Technical Committee) 45, Nuclear Instrumentation. They met yearly in North America or Europe, and my grandfather took the opportunity to travel for up to a month out of the year. The Russian government must have been trying to prove something in 1969 as it invited nuclear experts from around the world to venture behind the iron curtain.

This is a continuation of part 1 of Moscow 1969, which itself is split into 5 pages. This set includes a number of great views from the Moscow River taken as they commuted from the Rossiya Hotel to Pioneer’s Palace, and a few views from the conference site itself. There also photos of day trips including Dubna. You can also browse these as an album on Flickr.

When you’re done browsing, I think it’s worth clicking through each and reading the comments. They have been received very well, and a host of new friends across the world helped identify the locations that I couldn’t figure out myself. I learned so much about Moscow while researching these, and I hope some day to have the chance to visit and rephotograph them — take the same photo now.

And here’s a link to photos by my grandfather from other cities around the world.

Moscow 1969

From Russia With Love, 1969

Muscovite, 1969

Three Generations, Moscow, 1969

Perstov Apartments, Moscow, 1969

Kremlin and Rossija Hotel at Sunset, Moscow, 1969

Ostankino TV-Tower

Street vendors at Lermontov Station, Moscow, 1969

Demolished Home, Moscow, 1969

Perlov Tea House, Moscow, 1969

Here Boris Godunov first read, Moscow, 1969

Alone with Portrait and a Yellow Sock - Moscow, 1969

These Favorite Pages - Moscow, 1969

Statue of day laborer, Moscow, 1969

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