Seattle’s Drive-In Markets

Only one of Seattle’s drive-in markets is extant, the current Builders’ Hardware & Supply in Interbay. At its core, this article is an exploration of the historical context of that building. The neighborhood grocery changed from a business type into a major industry in America during the early 1900s on the back of significant commercial innovations. Massive growth and […]

Blueprints of Seattle’s Street Clocks

To install clocks in the Seattle street right-of-way after 1901, the Seattle Board of Public Works required blueprint plans or photographs to be submitted. So far, four blueprints have been discovered in Seattle’s city records. Three originals are in the Seattle Department of Transportation street use permit files, and one is reproduced on a microfiche in […]

Time Travel to West Seattle

(This article appeared in 2014 in the Westside Weekly. It hasn’t shown up online though so I’m posting it to my own site.) Time Travel In addition to a face and hands, some clocks have legs. In particular, clocks on the sidewalk like to go for strolls. With the exception of Ben Bridge’s clock downtown, […]

Room 59, Alki Hotel

This originally ran as a series of articles on the now-zombie website Seattlest in October 2010. The old photos are from circa 1974. I picked them up at an antique store. They came from T.V. Dean Realtors, who were probably appraising the building before sale. The new photos are from 2010. Bonus material at the […]