Every Drive-in Public Market Ever

Here’s the dataset on figshare with every drive-in market location we’ve found. There are some crazy things at play: Archival web crawling Open history data Past-current collaboration Drive-in public markets If you’ve read my article on Seattle’s drive-in public markets, you know that Richard Longstreth’s book was basically the only reason I knew anything about this building […]

Blueprints of Broadway Market

Almost a year ago I wrote a long history of Broadway Market in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, which ran in Capitol Hill Seattle blog. Because of its length I decided not to include a number of scans of 1927 blueprints by architect Charles Haynes that I found at the Seattle Department of Planning and Development (since renamed Department […]

Seattle’s Drive-In Markets

Only one of Seattle’s drive-in markets is extant, the current Builders’ Hardware & Supply in Interbay. At its core, this article is an exploration of the historical context of that building. The neighborhood grocery changed from a business type into a major industry in America during the early 1900s on the back of significant commercial innovations. Massive growth and […]

Wallingford Eba’s Store No. 7

In 1927 Eba’s Cut Rate Grocery opened a new store in Wallingford. My grandmother Elizabeth, seven years old, lived a block away. It must have been a regular destination of her mother Mary. Eba’s in Wallingford A brief article with photograph ran in May 1927 announcing the opening of Eba’s Market at 1922 North 45th […]