Man as Oversimplified Data

One man stood out from the rest. I looked up about 100 men who died in the Korean War, all supposedly from Seattle or King County, Washington. The rest had sensible stories or cold trails. But Lloyd Spencer Sullivan begged closer inspection. He died in a forgotten war, with misleading information in the casualty database. […]

Life of Iconic Internment Family

Social media and web historians are doing a disservice to the memory of Seattle’s Shigeo and Chiseko Nagaishi. Photographs of racist vandalism that their family endured have become standard imagery for discussing Japanese internment. But somehow Shigeo and his family are barely mentioned as people, and discussion of their lives is nowhere to be found. […]

Dad’s 8-Tracks

There were two boxes of 8-track cassettes that my dad treasured. When I was still very little he used to play them in his stereo, I remember specifically asking to hear Harry Chapin’s 30,000 Pounds of Bananas over and over again. But later, with no 8-track player, they were crammed into a couple of boxes […]