Room 59, Alki Hotel

This originally ran as a series of articles on the now-zombie website Seattlest in October 2010. The old photos are from circa 1974. I picked them up at an antique store. They came from T.V. Dean Realtors, who were probably appraising the building before sale. The new photos are from 2010. Bonus material at the […]

Sweden’s Atomic Energy, 1960s Pamphlets

In September 1967 my grandfather visited Stockholm for a meeting of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Technical Committee 45, setting standards for nuclear reactor test equipment. TC45 held yearly conferences, rotating around mostly European cities. My grandfather was very serious about taking photographs and left slides from each trip. In addition to a couple carousels […]

Traveling Photography

(This article by me originally appeared on the now-defunct site, which celebrated the Flickr Commons. It ran in July 2009. Rescued via One of my favorite sets in The Commons is the New York Public Library’s Japan / Kusakabe Kimbei, one hundred hand-colored albumen prints from around the 1880s. It covers a wide […]