Frederick Trump in Pioneer Square, Seattle

Donald Trump’s grandfather Yes, that Donald Trump. Get yourself an age appropriate beverage and a comfortable place to read this. I’d like the opportunity to correct some mistakes and some misconceptions in the tale of Donald Trump’s grandfather – Frederich Drumpf or Frederick Trump – and his time operating a restaurant in Seattle in the early […]

Every Drive-in Public Market Ever

Here’s the dataset on figshare with every drive-in market location we’ve found. There are some crazy things at play: Archival web crawling Open history data Past-current collaboration Drive-in public markets If you’ve read my article on Seattle’s drive-in public markets, you know that Richard Longstreth’s book was basically the only reason I knew anything about this building […]

Corner Market Eba’s Store Number 2

Eba’s Cut Rate Groceries opened in the Corner Market in 1927, located just behind the 1st and Pike storefront occupied by 3 Girls Bakery. Eba replaced and probably bought out Ralph McDonald’s Corner Market Grocery in stall 103. In 1932 after Eba’s merged with Mutual Markets, this store did not continue as part of the […]

Seattle’s earliest car architecture in pictures

Last month I finished an article describing the handful of Seattle’s drive-in markets. They may have been Seattle’s first buildings designed to engage automobiles — other than garages, the first car architecture. Here’s how I described them: Part super service station and part public market, drive-in markets were the first building type to interface with […]